Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Modelling and Transom Options Explored

I started today by drawing frame 6a and the transom in full scale on the paper for the template. I have known for a while that this would bring me to a crossroad regarding the outboard well and the locker configuration. I have settled on having the through-transom outboard per John's drawings on my sloop rigged Pathfinder, however I am considering an alteration to plan which mirrors the port side outboard detail on the starboard side which I intend to convert to an insulated cold storage locker. (A cold beer never went astray after a hard day cruising!) The middle compartment will lower in height below the hole for the tiller and will be a lazerette for a battery etc. To make sure I understood the original drawings and the intended variation to plan, I created a model using card. This was a very worthwhile investment in time for me, being new to the art of boatbuilding. The excercise was made very easy using A4 tracing paper in a photocopier. The plans were copied (2X for frames drawn on one side only then flipped and joined with magic tape along the CL) and pinned over some cardboard then cut through using a Stanley knife.
Tomorrow Noah will start to cut some wood...Svoopa, svoopaa, svooopaa!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Start - 17 February 2009

Work began on the building frame which was pretty quick to knock together. It will be rechecked and levelled later when I put the profiles on and once the first sheets of ply have been marked-up and cut. I decided to make templates on paper first before cutting begins which will signal the start of dust and clutter. Need clear headspace when marking-up templates and thinking ahead to the build stage and the sailing also.
I have included some pics of the workshop for the record as I suspect it wont look the same for quite a while.
All very, very exciting!!!!