Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm not Arnie...but I'm back!

It has been more than two long years since I last posted anything here - holy crap! Catori has been sadly neglected along the way. Since then I struggled with a shoulder injury that did not like any form of sanding or planing which pretty much halted building and my interests shifted rapidly to earning a crust when there was no surplus for epoxy and ply. My wife and I own a decorative hire business called Centrepiece which keeps us pretty busy most days and just recently, I managed to start putting some time (and money) into the build.
Luckily, I am supported by Tiffany on two fronts a) it makes me happy and b) it makes me happy! Since the last post, I have...
  • Fitted all of the stringers
  • Dry-Fitted the seats
  • lamined the rudder foil and stock
  • bought an outboard and aluminium for the spars
  • ordered the sails and rigging from Duckworths while the NZD is at a high
  • changed my mind on a raft of small details more times than I care to remember and 
  • started the dreaded planking
I now have my heart set on a launch date before Christmas so the pressure to finish before the framing epoxy is yellow and brittle is real!
Now that I have put paw to pad, I will endevour to post some updated images for all. Until then, happy days and fair weather to all!