Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bottoms down, frames up and yeeeha!~

This is really exciting!!!!!!

I am starting feel that I am making a boat instead of a jigsaw puzzle now.
The centreboard case, stem and first five frames went in easily but not without some significant levels of anxiety and fear of the unknown mistake! This is me having a steam bath over an old kettle and some flexible hose.

When it came to bending the chine stringer I was very worried about snapping the timber as the bend is quite significant. I decided that I would bend it incrementally in baby steps by applying steam along the length in the vicinity of the frames where "first contact" and the new bend was being made. There is no doubt that this help as after steaming for a few minutes, I could easily tweak a bit more "slack" out of the tiedown I was using at the transom to pull the stringer home.

Anyway, the bend was done then released, epoxied and reapplied and screwed into place with clamps and I went to sleep feeling very satisfied, two nights in a row.
Now I am off to bed with a hot cup of honey, lemon and whisky to ward off the evil winter spirits which have returned with swine to haunt us!

The pics tell the rest of the story. Onwards and seawards!

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